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EMS personnel are frequently on standby at athletic events like high school football games or 10K road races. At these events EMTs, and paramedics work side by side with athletic trainers and other healthcare professionals. After completing the CentreLearn course, Sports Medicine for EMS, paramedic Jonathan Sell from Booker EMS wrote, "Great course! I work closely with our athletic department at our local high school."

Jonathan also wrote about the importance of establishing a relationship with the other professionals responsible for player safety:

"I have the privilege of accompanying our football team and being on the sideline with them throughout their season. I go out of my way to introduce myself to the opposing team's medical staff or coaches if they don't have a medical staff and all of the officials for the game before it starts. That goes a long way. I make sure that they understand that I am not a trainer, but a paramedic and that I will tend to lean on the side of caution with injuries and will often ask for their trainer's assistance on things like ortho injuries that I know they are better trained on. After two seasons of doing this, I think I have learned pretty well when an injury is serious and when they can walk it off. With the help of a local physician, we now perform concussion screens using the SCAT2 protocol on all athletic participants at our high school with a baseline evaluation done before the first practice. That has gone a long way to build relationships with our coaches and athletes as well as the trainers that I come in contact with. I think that pre-planning helps them understand that we care about the kid's health and we're not just there for standby because we have to be."
Jonathan Sell, LP, NREMT-P, CCEMT-P
Director, Booker EMS

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The CentreLearn course library features several other courses that may be useful for EMS professionals that standby at sporting events.
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Departments can either assign courses to their personnel or provide them access to the large library so they may complete courses on their own schedule. Individuals can access these CECBEMS accredited courses through RapidCE.com.

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